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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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on the run n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden is off the radar with no sign of him the flight to cuba reportedly booked on spending the night at a moscow airport. footage from our correspondent on the seat snowden is meant to be sitting in if you will into u.s. airspace where america might have a chance to intercept the aeroflot jet. says snowden is safe but keep his exact whereabouts secret we can extend however confirm ecuador has given him refugee travel papers. washington appears desperate to corner its former intelligence analyst criticizing every country he passes through and demanding is immediate the footage.
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international news in comment live from our studio center here in moscow this is the twenty four hours a day so the world's media have turned into a plane spotters tracking one transatlantic flight that was supposed to be carrying the n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden away to safety from the hands of the usa who wanted him extradited well the fact is it appears that he wasn't on the plane nobody saw him boarding the plane bound for cuba from moscow airport where he was reported to have spent the night when that plane departed packed with journalists expecting to find him on board there but apparently short of one. at the moment it is heading across the upper. antic and will pass through us controlled airspace giving
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american authorities the chance to intercept it if they really want to check out whether he is on the plane or not and then of course eventually landing in havana cuba experts do say that the pilots could change the route well our correspondent are teased by what is at moscow's sheremetyevo airport following the developments from there. the whereabouts of edward snowden i know where to be found this is what we know yesterday on sunday he literally took out the media into a frenzy making us some sort of a play around with him catch him if you can we went as far as even getting journalists to buy tickets to go onto that cuban plane at that he was a supposedly found to be on had to choose one fly that this afternoon here in moscow but then again we do have an inside story was he on the plane home was he not he got beeston up gives us an insight there's so much media on this plane for
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the last three minutes i'm sure that the plane expecting which told him to show up there would be increased security there would order could go up for the police only move the passengers sort of away from the teacher to leave it up to continue west point even the airport officials themselves and the staff of the airplane were not sure whether or not it was entering the plane or not right let's take you back to how this all halted on sunday hong kong releases a statement saying that indeed edward snowden had decided to leave hong kong on his own accord and they let him go see that all his paperwork was on the right track despite the fact that the u.s. wanted to come in and log his actual vission up by saying that his passport was no longer valid he then is apparently going to arrive in moscow on up flight a bonded to moscow which he would then the transit to another country and then make him make way to the third country which will be his the last stop right so that's
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what we knew at that point then the story changes they get even better the ambassador of ecuador arrives here at the airport to making everybody speculate perhaps his final destination is of course ecuador a couple dollars a labrador announces that they haven't received the application for asylum from edward snow. himself and they were looking into it says nothing no one knows whether he has left or whether he did seize snowden even self no segment had been released from him out from the airport journalists alike like myself we've been camping out here just sitting around trying to figure out how far you have slipped our radar well we're all still in that he certainly pulled a magician trick could he be here could he be somewhere else that is the big question we're all here waiting to answer that well should snowden turn out to be on the route to have an expert chris yates believes the rule several possible
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outcomes for the flood including an attempt by washington to force it to land. at the moment the u.s. government seems to be waving a big date and saying this wait for any flights carrying mr snowden shouldn't be allowed to pass now what does that mean a could mean that any plane that he's traveling on other nations might well prevent it from entering that space because they don't want to be caught up in this particular spot now the united states government intercepts the aircraft if it were to enter u.s. airspace possibly they could instruct it to land somewhere in the united states i would think that would be unlikely. and of course the pilot himself has the ability to divert once an airplane takes off of course it's entirely down to the pilots to choose the best route dependent upon. all of the prevailing
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operational conditions at the time if the pilots were to choose to fly a route for example just outside u.s.s. space close to it that he be entitled to do that of his own volition provided that it didn't have any impact upon the safety of the flights on the safety of everybody else on board it it could or says it is considering a request for asylum from edward snowden a plea reportedly organized by wiki leaks and ecuador's foreign minister currently on a visit to vietnam appeared to be sympathetic to the whistleblowers plight during a news conference lindsey france has more on where ecuador stand in this story. where in the world is edward snowden that is the question on the tip of every journalist tongue it's the missing piece of this puzzle we all want to put together it's a question that was put to the foreign minister ricardo patino over and over again
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by journalists at that press conference and those are questions that he successfully evaded now journalists like myself have been staked out here since early morning some even staying overnight just to catch a glimpse of this latest whistle blower on the run from the united states government we've had cars coming in and out of the embassy official embassy vehicles wondering is he in the trunk is he underneath a blanket in the back seat definitely definitely wanting to catch a glimpse the possibility that he could have been taken away from the airport and would have perhaps sought refuge here it's part of what makes this whole sort of detective story so interesting is that he is being given guidance very heavily by wiki leaks whose leader julian assange has being sheltered within the walls of the ecuadorian embassy there in london it makes ecuador the obvious choice obviously for seeking asylum and then if if mr snowden were to need a place to stay while in russia it would therefore make sense that he would be here but alas we have not been satisfied we are still on the watch for mr snowden to
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come rain or shine so it's just a very intriguing story that i'm sure will be keeping a very close eye on all the journalists here at the embassy for quite a while now when it gave snowden refugee papers allowing him to travel freely according to julian assange we could leak found also revealed the former cia man is safe and being taken care of he spoke to the media. or an embassy in london and i was listening in. according to sources in which they've just announced that reportedly ecuador has granted asylum to edward snowden now speaking just a little bit before that julian the sirens are saying that they are in contact with edward snowden and the wiki leaks legal representative traveling with him they've said that they are both healthy and in good spirits and in a secret location that they can't disclose now they've spoken a lot about the very bullying and what they called the threatening behavior of the
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u.s. administration in relation to a number of nations through which edward snowden has been reported to be traveling the fact that they've been demanding for his extradition now wiki leaks have said that edward snowden is not a traitor as the u.s. secretary of state was calling him earlier today but he is a hero as we know which leaks have been assisting edward snowden both with his asylum request to ecuador as well as with legal representation so we're going to be following this story as it develops for you from london well washington has been here his girl to every country that snowden passes through during his border busting bid for safety formal requests for china and russia to arrest the whistleblower have been accompanied by criticism but he's got to go with the details on a slipping away in u.s. officials express their frustration by verbal be attacking the countries that do not hurry to put him in handcuffs and send him to the u.s.
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russia says it has no legal authority to arrest him secretary of state john kerry said it's deeply troubling take a listen. you know it would be deeply troubling obviously if they have adequate notice not withstanding that they make a decision willfully and if there was adequate notice there would be. without any question some effect an impact on the relationship and consequences the u.s. a department has also sent out warnings to the states that may accept such as cuba venezuela ecuador asking them not to do that and to turn him over to. to his destination snowden is of course choosing countries that would not be easily pressured by washington in the meantime u.s. politicians and pundits on television use what seems like a cold war rhetoric when they comment on the story presenting russia and china as the enemies that snowden is helping one form of social said russia and china are going to use this to embarrass the you was one should argue it's not as revelations
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that embarrass the u.s. not russia or china but that's exactly what's happening now u.s. policymakers are doing everything possible to divert attention away from snowden's revelations and certainly one way of doing that is to present it as a cold war style cat and mouse chase that way you have us media now almost cheering for his capture although just a little while ago some of the same journalists were grateful for greater public awareness of the fact that the u.s. government is spying on millions of people who have done nothing wrong snowden of course has no illusions as to what lengths the u.s. government will go to catch him here's what he said shortly after he broke this story i could be you know rendered by the cia i could have a people come out after me or any of their third party partners you know they would they work closely with a number of other nations and that's a fear i'll live under for the rest of my life however long that happens to be you can't come forward against the world's most powerful intelligence agencies. be completely free from risk because they're such powerful adversaries the no one can
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meaningfully oppose them. if they want to get you they'll get you in time so have also said it's not government persecution that he fears most he said the greatest fear that i have about the outcome of these disclosures is that nothing will change from how it's developing it doesn't look like things will change for americans anytime soon but for the world the implications of his revelations are significant now for example the u.s. can't accuse china of cyber attacks without being accused of hypocrisy. well former cia officer. mcgovern joins me live now to discuss how snowden has managed to keep out of america's clutches for so long what all those resources the u.s. have just how do you think he had slipped through the net so far. well i think this is a metaphor. you know there's talk about the soling sole remaining superpower in the
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world and often washington believes that it can act like ruler of the worlds and they can control things by leaning on by pressuring other countries and in this case saying no no you must never grant asylum or help in any way it would snowden now it would snowden has said you know you can't you can't avoid all risk and that's true but so far. so far he's been able to elude this vast multi-billion dollar apparatus or oriented toward now seizing him which we were europe before with cia officers you're a former cia officer tell us surely they do actually know where he is now don't they. i don't believe they do you see it's a contest context contest between very sophisticated people in wiki leaks and people like snowden and this vast apparatus that has all the money but
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not as much talent there and there's the key because this is a leveling field here this is a leveling field where the united states with all its money and all its defense expenditures is on a level playing field with very very bright people abroad very very bright people in the ecuadorian embassy in london and very bright people in n.s.a. and what i'm saying here is that the u.s. is outmatch so far and if ecuador steps up as a small nation and says yes i believe they have said yes that we will grant him political asylum and and snowden arrives in ecuador this will be a victory for those who say that the united states is in decline that with all the money and with all the to troll the borders frankly on fascism with the executive about judiciary and the congress all complicit in violating our constitution if snowden can continue to evolute this dragnet it will be really a mark for liberty
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a mark for the rule of law in the international sphere that's why they that's where u.s. authorities will do everything possible. caught of all of this is the fact that it's a scandal involving the u.s. spying on people with as you said earlier very sophisticated system the so-called prism system this is an embarrassment because clearly it's not working here because these spying methods can even track down the number one number one man they really want there in washington. well that's the definition of embarrassment in this case i can understand the embarrassment i can understand people getting on on t.v. as they did yesterday and saying this fellow is a traitor traitor i think is a patriot ok and journalists journalists like glenn greenwald. david gregory who's a tool of the government said well how do you feel about the people calling for
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your prosecution and greenwald the journalist said you know it's quite quite extraordinary that someone who's so how's himself researcher analyst would be in favor of putting other journalists in jail and david gregory responded by saying well there's some question about whether you're a genuine journalist that is very close this close to fascism let me just quickly ask you where ever he ends up they will be totally safe from washington will they not have some way of getting him well i'm recalling that the british foreign ministry said that he did send the troops into the ecuadorian embassy to get julian a sonnet now thankfully he didn't do that but with all the tools available to the united states including drones and all manner of other things snowden is quite right in saying he'll never be able to escape complete risk but if ecuador for tex
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him so much the better for ecuador and for the rule of law in this international community. oma cia office and live here in autumn thank you very much indeed for your thoughts there in washington. you will have more updates and live analysis for what could be edward snowden's next step that's coming your way in just a few minutes here on r.t. stay with us if you can.
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download the official publication himself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television early it just doesn't work so how would your mobile device you can watch artsy any time anyway. the news continues here on r t so a plane packed with scoop hunting journalists is heading for cuba with the star of
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the show edward snowden it looks like that his latest vase of move is to avoid extradition to the u.s. he's wanted there on espionage charges but what exactly has he done to outrage america so much well let's run through some of the data that he's disclosed that's causing such controversy well he revealed a document showing the n.s.a. has access to huge streams of internet data including e-mails chat rooms and videos from large companies such as google and facebook and also the u.s. government use the secret foreign intelligence surveillance court to get an extensive range of information from the phone service provider verizon he also revealed that both mainland china and hong kong have been the victim of hundreds of the cyber attacks by u.s. hackers and according to his latest leak the u.k. is collecting and storing huge amounts of sensitive personal data from mobile
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phones and online traffic and sharing it with america now norman solomon he is author and co-founder of these civil action group roots action i spoke to him a little early and he says that snowden's revelations uncovered the us people's fundamental struggle for civil liberties. well he's really a hero to so many americans but rather than the labels the key point is that he has brought truth to the necessity of a democratic process as a curse people in the white house and many in congress are not have be about the illumination of they have been engaged in a survey on this which is direct violation of our civil liberties of the citizens of the united states as well as a violation of the privacy of people around the we're all so naturally the obama administration and the vibe harness and security state fans on capitol hill want to grab edward snowden so it is
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a fundamental conflict between those who are dominating the u.s. government now who want to suppress the bill of rights and resistance not about resistance from many of us who say no way we do not accept the suppression of our rights. not everybody believes snowden is a hero or that his revelations will bring fundamental change auntie's so if you have a not so spoke to the former cia director general michael hayden and he believes washington's espionage program is not going to be cancelled anytime soon and he can watch the full interview in our new show so if you can at our website dot com. but it's happening to programs like the ones that snowden made public this prison data collecting tool are they being wrapped up right now worries the n.s.a. going to go ahead with it and when your opinion no i yeah i would see no reason why either the programs that he revealed the metadata program or the prism program why
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they would be stopped there lawful they're appropriate they're affective but the effectiveness may be the element that's most harmed by these revelations again adversaries now know what we can do and also know what we won't do the boundaries of american law and policy and that gives them a higher probability that they'll be able to protect their communications from united states agencies trying to intercept them. well the speculation rages over when edward snowden is let's take a step back and see what he could possibly do where he could go if he is north. of the plane well ortiz correspondent linda glasgow she's with me now in the studio
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so it is interesting if he's not on the plane then what options does he have well i don't know if it's kind of a game of catch him if you can and it is it looks like the u.s. authorities may actually have a good options or good options on the table because snowden actually has several options as far as it goes as far as leaving moscow go as for example he could go to move on or via paris of course. that flight is leaving in about a couple hours there's also another one going through amsterdam that one is actually going directly to quito to ecuador which after all seems to be the ultimate destination for snowden but again you have to understand that there is also another flight if you pay attention you will understand that all of these flights go through europe and if you're if you're edward snowden you have a passport that is an old and you're wanted by the american authorities you probably do not want to travel through european countries but having said that we also have to remember that if he's a transfer zone like he was here in moscow then there is absolutely no necessity for actually going through passport control so that is one of the options that he
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could have been looking at another option going north to quito by going to caracas venezuela another country which probably would welcome snowden as a transfer base on his way to ecuador again if that is his ultimate destination so really we're looking at just six options for edward snowden of leaving at least today and escaping the u.s. authorities but then again at the end of the day we also have to understand that he is a former cia operative so he probably knows a thing or two about getting away unscathed from this situation so actually you could not even be in moscow at this present time there's very there's a very good chance that he has actually left province the. says of the segment of our airport where journalists myself included were just taking him out for hours on end yesterday and today so this is a guess we're looking at the ultimate man of mystery edward snowden and we do not know where he is exactly and of course we can say they don't know but they are not going to tell anyone all right well the mystery continues thanks very much indeed
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thank you arena here in the glasgow there in the studio now a new york based made on has written a book about bradley manning another prominent whistleblower he told us that snowden is still far from safety wherever he is heading his options are very limited he could go back we're going to go to venice where though he could go to cuba not one of those three latin american countries is a long term place that he can count harbor and in cuba's fidel castro is not going to live forever in venice well it's six years from now a center right government easily be elected that's easy to imagine and it's easy to imagine a center right government making a president word snow to washington and in ecuador again even though korea was reelected by a very comfortable margin in very clean elections the next election cycle could be different but he can only go to one of these places there and wait it out maybe
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things will cool down in the united states other options will become available. so where would snowden may or may not be on a plane to cuba we're interested if you believe you'll actually get to his supposed final destination ecuador that's what we're asking at the moment on our website r t v dot com let's have a look and see how the vote is panning out on our online poll where we can see the majority believe that taking a flight via cuba is not a good idea and you'd actually be better off staying in russia a little less think that perhaps he might get to ecuador but isn't out of reach of the u.s. even even when he gets there and also the same number believes that the whistleblower will get to his final destination but only if he doesn't enter u.s. airspace and a minority thinks see it is possible but that he should hide all the way well you can let us know what you think on this or what the options for edward snowden the
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moment are t. dot com leave your thoughts and comments also in a comment section as well you'll find it all on our website it's online all the time but of course we'll be continue our coverage of edward snowden and his bid for freedom away from the u.s. in the next hour that's in about half an hour with me in the news team and the morning time we are now go to cross talk and the so-called new normal of the global economy will be discussed after the break stay with us r.t. in moscow. anyone who lives in the us knows that the i.r.s. does not play around one honest or dishonest mistake could get you in a lot of trouble even a longtime friend of mine got his entire life savings destroyed due to some simple honest error you think that workers in an organization that could punish you for
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your financial failings would be very sharp with their own money but that's sadly not the case according to an audit report from the treasury inspector general for tax administration at the very least one thousand iris employees have abused the charge cards they were issued to cover their official travel expenses some of these people are very high on the ladder including an executive level official a criminal investigator and multiple ploys with security clearances much of the abuses related to a place writing checks for big purchases which later bounced due to accounts being empty yeah the people who could ruin your life for one little financial folly seem to have no problem over drawing while they are living it up on taxpayer funded travel to keep things in perspective the iris is a huge organization so one thousand abusers is a minority but in the spirit of fairness i think these card abusers should be punished just as harshly as normal people who run afoul of the i.r.s. but that's just my opinion.
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